• Create

    • Create unique interactive stories using ReadKid Wizard
    • Place text, graphics, and audio and video files, impart physical characteristics (gravity, friction, elasticity) to objects
    • Establish relationships between objects, plan their route, time of appearance and disappearance, specify reactions to touch and many other parameters

    • Independently test books on an iPad before they are published
    • Publish using ReadKid Wizard from your computer
    • Choose the best package for you and set the book price yourself
  • Sell & enjoy

    • Become one of the creators of a unique virtual space
    • Create multilingual books offered worldwide
    • Sell books via the ReadKid application created especially for kids

Readkid Kreator
Readkid Kreator

ReadKid is a completely new, revolutionary dimension of children’s entertainment.

Interactive books for children are
a source of great fun and an innovative education tool. Become a co-creator of this unique virtual space.
Create your own story and publish it directly from your computer thanks to the ReadKid Wizard.

The ReadKid Wizard:

  • enables you to create interactive books in
    a simple and accessible way
  • is a multifunctional tool allows you to add audio and video files to a book, as well as give physical characteristics to objects in
    a book (so that, for example, the characters can move on the screen), establish relationships between them, plan their route, time of appearance and disappearance, specify a response to touch among others
  • thanks to the ReadKid Wizard the user can test the books on an iPad, and modify and publish them using the ReadKid app.

ReadKid App:

  • download for free from the App Store
  • an intuitive menu allows a child to use the ReadKid app by itself. Thanks to the interactivity of the application children can actively participate in the story they are reading
  • the app also allows you to record the voice of the person reading the story
  • with the ReadKid app the user has access to all multimedia interactive books created with the ReadKid Wizard, including those published by other users.
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